Hallux Valgus is a progressive foot deformity characterised by a valgus (lateral)

➡️ deviation of the big toe and varus (medial)

⬅️ deviation of the first metatarsal (area at the base of your big toe). Usually, this results in a bunion cyst developing in the outside of the big toe.

Bunions tend to occur due to a combination of intrinsic and extrinsic causes, such as:
– constricting footwear (e.g. high heels)👠
– excessive foot pronation (increased pressure on the inside aspect of the big toe)
– increased length of the first metatarsal and hallux
– trauma to the medial and plantar ligament complex and medial sesamoid bone

This post will be beneficial for those with bunions primarily caused by intrinsic factors (movement dysfunctions) or constricting footwear, and are in early-mid stage. It is important to NOTE, for those of you with bunions as a result of anatomical and/or structural changes that surgery may be the way to go 🔨as it is unlikely these exercises will make a difference. HOWEVER, it won’t hurt to have more intrinsic foot strength and control 😉

The exercises seen in this post focus on developing abduction flexibility, control and strength of the big toe, big toe flexion & extension, as well as general arch strengthening with ideal big toe/ankle alignment, in order to prevent excessive pronation of the foot.

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Written by Pat Hughes (Exercise Physiologist)


Stretch and release

Motor Control

Build Strength

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