• Assume forearm plank position • elbows directly under shoulders, glutes engaged, navel to spine, crown of the head pointing forward
  • Place one foot on top of the other (calves lengthened, flexed feet) Continue to maintain squareness in your hips, squeeze glutes and brace with your abdomen.
  • THIS IS KEY – press down firmly from the top foot into the bottom heel (don’t just let the foot hang out there). You should feel your entire abdominal wall LIGHT UP in a magical wonderful way (this in itself is an exercise, even without the dumbbell action)
  • NOW, grab a dumbbell and glide it forward/back (push/pull) but also press into it to create friction and more of a challenge, (if you’re on a hardwood floor try putting it on a towel, if you’re on carpet it should work as it does on the turf). FEEL YOUR LAT WORK – remember, the insertion of your lats are part of your core, so that entire side of your abdominal wall is fired up big time, the other side of your abdominal wall is working hard as well to keep you stable. Stay rock solid I’m your hips – maintaining squareness is super important
  • truthfully there is no wrong leg to choose to put on top – they both challenge a bit differently (play with it) but make sure you’re consistent with the option you choose when you switch sides. If you cannot maintain stability in your hips, keep both feet on the ground


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